Badger Watching

Badger Watching: Episode 1

April 09, 2022 Shey Season 1 Episode 1
Badger Watching
Badger Watching: Episode 1
Show Notes

Late summer 2020.  A brother and sister go for walks around Norfolk's wild places as a lockdown alternative to watching the football in the pub. Andy has discovered a new passion for nature; Alice struggles to muster the enthusiasm required to put on her walking boots. 

In this first episode, Andy persuades Alice to join him in his search for a badger set and its elusive residents. 

Script: Shey Hargreaves
Alice: Shey Hargreaves
Sandra: Judi Daykin
Andy: Ed Yelland 
Sound: Bill Vine 
Subtitling: Lorna Heap
Theme: Chris Housden
Artwork: Charli Vince

Supported by Arts Council England, Norwich Arts Centre, National Centre for Writing and Creative Arts East.